Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012


yesterday at the SOUND & FASHION PARTY i was interviewed about our vintage inspired sewing patterns and clothes. the question was about what inspired me to focus on designing modern vintage pieces. even though this is a common question, i had to think for a moment and responded that as a teenager, i loved watching those 50s and 60 movies with my mom. the flattering fashion of these decades really stuck with me. it was the 90s then and everything was puristic, bland and beige, haha (i DID get hooked on beige ever since).

but really it was something else that inspired me in 2007/2008 to begin that "MODERN VINTAGE WORKSHOP": a lovely online shop called LULLIE VINTAGE.
back then an ebay shop that sold wonderful and very unique and often high-end vintage pieces presented on the most gorgeous models. i instantly fell in love (again) with vintage fashion, and after ever being too late on the bids i decided to sew a few pieces after the old cut.
later that shop closed and the shop owner focused more on photography and blogging.

as of today i'm very delighted to inform you all that she JUST re-opened her shop!
and again, you can tell the vintage items of that shop aren't just some finds in grandma's closet - unless your grandma was a real fashionista back in the days - but outstanding hand-picked and gorgeous clothes.

THANK YOU, LULLIE VINTAGE for being such an inspiration and GOOD LUCK with the new shop!
your fans from germany!

If anyone wants to know who is behind the fashion and the shop check out this video on!

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